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Saturday, 27 August 2011

Wedding nightmare at the end of the day....

I was just checking out The Izaak Walton Hotel in Dovedale on Trip Advisor when I came across this review showing how a perfect day can be ruined at the last by a bad experience.

Talia Protheroe-Smith writes:

"Well where do I start I booked 11 rooms out for myself and our guests to stay as we were getting married at tissington hall. I spoke to Scott and was assured all booking were fine I had the bridal suite booked and chose the one I wanted perfect. We were told we could check in after the wedding reception around midnight all would be perfect. We have the most amazing time at tissington hall all outstanding and dreams were made a reality. We arrived as a group at the izaak Walton everyone started checking in, me in my wedding dress went upto out room to walk in and see it was a basic room, so we went back to the reception and said not the right room in the mean time my parents had gone to their room to walk into two people in bed!!!! The reception guy hadn't got a clue he then gave our basic room to my parents and gave us keys to the bridal suite argh perfect we thought so my husband took our bags up ...... He then appeared with our bags look angry the bridal suite was the couples who were holding there wedding at the hotel, the room was filled with gifts and cards . We asked the receptionist what was going in and he kept smirking, there was no room for us. He just kept giving us other peoples room keys he didn't know who was in what room or how many people were staying in the hotel which is a healthy and safety nightmare. Let alone a personal security risk.eventually a guy who had a bit more of a clue appeared and proceeded to check room availability, we were then informed there was a room A double executive, what rubbish we went into the room and it was two single beds pushed together!!!!! What a great bridal suite. Our issues our that 1 we put time into checking the booking and ensuring people had suitable rooms. 2 health and safety and 3 our wedding day was completely over shadowed by there shear incompetence. We spent time and money ensuring everything ran smoothly and it was a nightmare at the izaak Walton after a truly magical day. We eventually got to go into our room about 2:20am after sitting around in my wedding dress for nearly two hours. I am still awaiting contact from the hotel manger and I gave heard nothing two weeks later!!!!!!! Avoid this hotel if you are looking for a special occasion to end a perfect day."
Much sympathy goes to Talia.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Tutbury Castle Wedding

It’s been a busy week for editing - three weddings and some looong days but I like to be able to get images to people quite soon after the wedding day - I think that when you get back from your honeymoon you are ready to keep the momentum of the day going by reliving it through the photographs. So two weeks is my yardstick for editing and getting images to couples.
Therefore there are three weddings to blog this week but I’ll try to spread them through the week and not inundate people’s inboxes!
First is a great wedding at Tutbury Castle - fantastic venue, great couple and beautifully designed day. Have a look at the Slideshow and let me know what you think...

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Wedding photography is still keeping me busy...

It's been another busy couple of weeks on the contemporary wedding photography front (it's the season after all so it should!) and I've had a couple of fantastic weddings I've photographed recently. I ventured up to Manchester Town Hall to shoot a ceremony and what a great venue - Victorian architecture in all it's glory and because Jen and Chris booked the room on a Saturday we had the whole place to ourselves (bargain!). There is also the wedding I shot in the Winter Gardens in Hexham (video below) - great day, superb venue and relaxed celebration, my three favourite things.
I'll save talk about the wedding at Tutbury Castle for next time...

Monday, 1 August 2011

Wedding Photography from this weekend...

I've decided to have a rest day today after the previous couple of days (weddings in Hexham then Birmingham) but couldn't resist pulling some images out after uploading the memory cards. Here's a quick sneak-peek...