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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

More Models and Plays

Hello again. Sorry for the short break but it's amazing how doing stuff stops you from writing about the the stuff you are doing.

I had an informative day out at 'Focus On Imaging' a photographers trade fair - I managed to avoid any insular, geeky chat and concentrate on going o some useful seminars and demonstrations.

I have photographed a couple of shows recently but have mainly been asked to shoot models for their portfolios. I am really enjoying it and getting some images I'm really loving - I spend most of my time not achieving the photograph I have in my head going into the shoot but have now come to the realisation that I will never produce that shot because it's not based on a real set of circumstances. The model, the light, the setting - these are the factors I have to work with in the real world and by accepting that I've starting producing photographs that work as a collaboration between all these things.

Enough 'arty' speak. Have shot an image for a theatre poster of 'The Wicked Lady' - I'll post it when the finished print is done. And will be shooting a 'B Movie' inspired shoot in Manchester in early April - 3 models, 'cinematic' set ups and a dark horror feel.

Photos up soon.


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