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Friday, 10 September 2010

Creating the Difference

I look at a lot of wedding photography - I'm interested in it from a professional point of view and also from a purely photographic, story-telling angle as well - and it's can be very hard to see something you love and not want to shoot that shot in your next wedding. But I don't think that that is the right way to approach shooting the day.
If I went to shoot a wedding with a specific list of images in my mind that I want to create I think I would fall into the trap of imposing that upon the day, not seeing what is in front of me and trying to photograph that in the most compelling and interesting way. I've looked at the images of Yevant or Jerry Ghionis and there are some fantastic, breath-taking images but I've also seen the way they work and the sheer scale of intervention and the amount of time the Bride and Groom are away from their guests is not how I want to shoot a day. It suits some couples for sure (maybe they don't like their families) but I'm trying to tell the human story of the day not give the couple a fashion shoot. But it is each to their own - each couple, each photographer has their own ideas and it's about the two finding each other and knowing that's the style of photography they want.
Don't get me wrong every photograph I see goes into the internal image bank and should feed my photography and hopefully I can draw from and develop great photography to suit the situation in front of me - rather than trying to bend the situation to suit someone else's ideas.

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