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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Looking forward to Winter Weddings!

This time of the year I'm reading a lot of articles, tweets and blogs from photographers bemoaning the fact that the clocks have changed and days are darker and it makes shooting a wedding day hard. Yes we need light to shoot and I use available light for the majority of the time but when you dig down to it they seem to be complaining that they can't shoot weddings in the way they want to - posed shots in dappled sunlight, groups lit by the sun and plenty of time in the light to shoot. Embrace the situation - shoot in more innovative ways. The day is not just a collection of people that you pose in front of the lens. Make your theme the emotions of the day, the coming together of people to celebrate - a couple has chosen to marry later in the year (roaring fires, cuddling together, sheltering from rainy days) let's not pretend it's mid-summer! Wow! That was a bit of a rant but it obviously needed to come out! Anyway I've had a great Autumn so far - great weddings, interesting theatre, a holiday in Kos and a slideshow for a couple that went viral! (2,500 hits in 3 hours - see above) More soon...

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