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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Magnum and Leica

I'm neither a Magnum photographer(!) or a Leica user but I loved this advert for the power of photography.

A core principal which framed the establishment of Magnum Photos in 1947 was the belief that photographers should have a point of view in their imagery that transcended any formulaic recording of contemporary events. This tradition continues today with the new series of photographic essays being produced by Magnum and Leica.

Burning curiosity breeds evocative expression and it is precisely this spirit which Magnum and Leica will be supporting through this new agreement to create and publish new multimedia essays that will take a deeper look into the stories behind the photographs.

The stories will cover new works by Magnum photographers addressing contemporary themes as well as investigations into the archives of photographers career-long obsessions to share Magnum photographer's individual journeys and unique ways of storytelling.

The voice on this movie is that of Alice George, former head of Magnum.

New stories will be presented on online at, and

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