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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Morag MacDonald Seminar

I spent a day yesterday in the company of Bristol based photographer Morag MacDonald. I think it's invaluable to see how other photographers work and be inspired by their experiences. Morag and I have a similar approach to shooting wedding days - very story and people driven - but produce very different images, which is a good thing!
I was very interested in her use of light and her talking about it and walking through some set ups have lead to the images below. I like to keep things simple and was very interested in the idea of subtracting light from a room in order to create an image (I am usually obsessed with the mount of light that is available). I probably won't try to create these images for every wedding I shoot - the one with the veil is not necessarily my style at all - but it's great to have these ideas in your head to draw upon for inspiration when the situation dictates.
The main interest in the day for me was the afternoon where she was talking about her business and how it's structured - she was very open and sharing and insightful. It's great to see that you can run a photography business using ethical business practices and not always be trying to 'up-sell' every time you talk to a client. I want to be a photographer (it's what I love) and not a salesman and so often when you go on business seminars it's about the customer as a money pit and not a valued client. I think if you give a good product, a good service at a reasonable price you will have a business, and sleep at night!

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  1. Really like these- nice and natural without being overly dramatic. Great photos.


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