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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

'Don Juan' in Studio One

I have another show shoot this evening in Studio One at Staffs University.
It's 'Don Juan' and should be fun.

I was lecturing at the University this morning and found out that they hadlost an actress from the show - so were having to rehearse someone in at thelast minute. I hope that having a photographer there as well as doing thefirst dress isn't going to the straw that breaks the camel's back - but I'mvery discreet and not 'off-putting'. It's about capturing the action - not where has the photographer got himself and why is he in the way! Twentyyears of working in theatre has taught me not to be a distraction.

I'm also off to Blackpool this weekend for the British Open DanceChampionships at the Winter Gardens. A whole day of shooting on the Saturday- followed by a day of processing on the Sunday. My only worry is gettingall the correct names of the dancers so I can properly title and keywordphotos. Watch this space.

(Added after the Dress)

Shoot went OK apart from the moment when I tripped over a step, staggered into the second row and plonked myself heavily onto a vacant seat. What was I saying about not being a distraction.

Boastfulness comes before a fall.

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