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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Very Last Minute Job

Had a phone call from Paul Jones, the Head of the Drama Department at Staffordshire University, at 6.25 tonight wondering if I could photograph the Dress Rehearsal of a production they were doing of 'Fen' by Caryl Churchill. The Dress was at 7.30.

Luckily was free and scooted over there by 7.10 to check out the space.

Small studio space but I'd brought both my Canon 5D with a telephoto lens and my Canon 50D with a wide angle lens. Great lighting, interesting staging and an enjoyable evening all round.

Show finished just after 9.00 so back home to sort through the files and shortlist about 80 shots for colour correction and processing. Should be through by 12.00....

Will drop a disc of images off tomorrow morning.

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