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Sunday, 16 November 2008

New Model Shoot

Interesting day yesterday.

I did a fashion and portrait shoot for an aspiring model from Stoke.

It was interesting because I'm used to capturing images as they play out before me - in performances, weddings or workshops - but I don't often have to construct the image from scratch.

The brief was easy - to come up with photos for the models portfolio that would show her looking attractive, adept at modelling and in a variety of styles - but we were photographing at her house and used just the one location, the front room. Three changes of frock, two contrasting colour walls and one key light. I had brought my studio flash lighting set up but ended up just using available light and one remote softbox with my Canon 580EX flash.

In the end I think we came up with some useful images and it is really interesting and exciting being in control of the whole image for once - I'll definately look forward to another shoot like it.

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